Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bodie from Eastern Europe -- BODIE HAS FOUND HIS FOREVER FAMILY!

This little sweetheart is Bodie.  We are featuring him because he is such a great kid but sometimes it is hard to look past a child's face if it is not perfect.  

Bodie has a congenital malformation of the face and because of this has hearing loss, although he compensates very well for it.  

Bodie is very friendly and caressing. He loves to be cuddled and held. Bodie plays with the children from his group.

Because of his hearing loss, Bodie doesn't speak, but he quickly understands how to accomplish things. He deals very well and actively “communicates” with the other children – he gently taps them on the head – that’s his way for communication. He is looking for communication with the other children – they are interesting for him. He orientates well on mimics and gestures. He masters quickly, adapts very well and he is integrated in the group. Bozhi keeps rules (he is learning from trial and error).

His motor skills are developed very well – he is very active. He walks and climbs, he has no problems. Bodie plays, kicks and throws a ball. He plays with every toy.  

 This boy is a loving child who has big darling eyes looking for love. I hope that a family for this boy will be found soon! 

When our attorney met him, she said that he is an extremely sweet baby boy and it is impossible not to fall in love with him when you meet him.