Monday, June 9, 2014

IVAN - Child of the Month from Europe

Look at this handsome guy!!  He has been waiting for a family for a very, very long time.  He is 11 years old, soon to be 12 and is considered "clinically healthy".  Our country staff (including a therapist) visited him personally and shared that sadly Ivan is in "one of the worst" orphanages for older children.  However the orphanage director says Ivan is one of the "good" children in the home and he listens to the staff and keeps the rules. There is fear however that very soon other children will begin to influence him in a negative way. He is currently in 5th grade. Literature is one of Ivan's favorite subjects. He was able to repeat the story of Little Red Riding Hood adding many details and telling the story correctly to our country staff. He has the sweetest, soft voice. (See video link below) They noted that he was one of the few children that they were able to lead a dialogue with.  They said it was impossible with some of the other children because they did not even understand what they were being asked.  Ivan is a friendly and calm child.  He was able to share his experience and history events from the day and past.  He loves soccer and wants to be a "soccer player" when he is older.   

The final personal observation from our in-country staff was that Ivan is a naturally good child who needs personal care and attention to be distant from the unfavorable environment in order to have higher marks at school and to have better skills. Ivan is a respectful child. He has a positive emotional tone and attitude about everything. Ivan has a very beautiful and charming smile and we hope that he will has his chance to have a family of his own.
I am in love with this child and my plea is for a family to get him out of that orphanage now!!  Agency fees are reduced, foreign fees are reduced and there is also a $2500 grant for qualifying families.

His video can be seen on the following link:

Please contact for more information about this wonderful child who needs a family fast!!!