Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2 sisters from Taiwan

These 2 darling girls were able to visit the US for a summer tour in August 2014.  We can get you in touch with the host family the sisters stayed with for more information!

Shan and her sister Liang are in different foster homes, but they arrange to meet
every month for an hour. Adoption social worker indicated that the two children were
closely attached. They never seemed to run out of things to talk about each time they met.
They also played games and chatted with each other.

Shan is able to walk, run, jump, climb up the stairs quickly from 1st to 4th floor. She could also draw princesses with different facial features, statures, hair styles, and dresses as well as paint a picture of underwater sea world using just dots. She could use complete sentences to express herself and describe
things. For example, “I want to draw a picture for the teacher.” “We have the most class
sessions for Mandarin in school.” Her motor and speech development are
age-appropriate. Shan is active, outgoing, and innocent. She smiles
to everything.

Liang is in 2nd grade. As indicated by foster mother, she has good learning ability
especially in math. She can focus in class and has an average of 80-90 on every subject.
She loves reading.

For more information about these cute sisters, please contact:
Grant funding up to $2500 available to qualifying families